Defending Amazon’s frontier in 2023

Guard posts have been instrumental in preserving the integrity of the lush rainforest and the wild rivers found within the borders of Kayapo’s indigenous territory. Thanks to philanthropic support we have increased the number of guard posts over the years and in 2022, three Kayapo NGOs managed 15 guard posts. This year our goal is to secure the funding of the 16th guard post.

Fund the Ipiranga guard post

This map shows the state of the 10.6 million hectare block of ratified Kayapo Indigenous territory in January 2022. The Kayapo indigenous territories outlined in yellow (NGO Kayapo Project territory) remain virtually intact. The eastern band of ~ 1.2 million hectares outlined in purple (does not form part of this project) that receives no conservation NGO investment and has been lost to the frontier of illegal logging and mining.

Kayapo surveillance program

The Kayapo Guard Post Program supports organization and administration for the Kayapo to monitor and protect much of their 2,200 km (1,375 miles) of border demarcating their protected forested territory from frontier society.

Guard posts signal to outside frontier society that the Kayapo of an area are organized to defend their ratified land rights and would-be invaders do not attempt entry.


Learn more about the various aspects of the Territorial surveillance program by reading our latest report.

2022 Territorial surveillance report



The results of Kayapo’s territorial surveillance program are visible from space. Kayapo’s warrior attitude and pride coupled with the logistical and legal support provided by their NGO allies have resulted in an unparalleled success. Against all odds, the Kayapo are resisting the pressure of the industrialized world right at border of agricultural expansion. 


Under the guard post program, inherent Kayapo drive to protect their territory, culture and livelihoods combines with equitably accessed income to produce a strong social antidote to the seduction and bribing of individuals by goldminers, loggers, and fishermen.


Four years of Bolsonaro’s government’s anti-indigenous and anti-environmental policies, coupled with a global pandemic were a recent test for the resilience of the Kayapo-NGO alliance. Despite all the challenges Kayapo’s territorial surveillance program proved its value by blocking nearly all attempts by loggers, miners, and illegal fishermen to invade Kayapo’s Territory.



Guard posts are also important venues for transmission of traditional territorial and cultural knowledge from elder to youth; and therefore, provide training in traditional and modern territorial surveillance as well as instilling Kayapo pride.

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The Ipiranga Guard Post

The Ipiranga guard post will be established near the western border of Terra Indigena Mekragnoti, close to the TI Panara, where the Ipiranga river meets the Curua river. The primary aim of this post is to prevent unauthorized entry of loggers. Better government actions are causing a decline in goldmining, logging is picking up, because enforcement against it is harder. Establishing and supplying a guard post in the Amazon rainforest is a costly endeavour, this is why are asking for your support. Join the Kayapo, become an ally today. 


Fund the Ipiranga Guard Post

Apply now: 2023 Kayapo Field Course and Internship Program

The 2023 Kayapo Field Course and Internship Program will take place from June 5 to June 26, 2023. Participants will get the chance to learn and work with the Kayapo of the A’Ukre community, together with NGO, university, and government partners.