Our mission

The Kayapo Project is an Indigenous led NGO alliance ensuring Mebêngôkre-Kayapo (Kayapo) cultural, economic, political, and territorial autonomy over more than nine million hectares of federally demarcated Indigenous lands located in the highly threatened southeastern Amazon. 

The Kayapo Project is a flagship program of the International Conservation Fund of Canada (ICFC). ICFC partners with three Kayapo NGOs: the Protected Forest Association, Kabu Institute, and Raoni Institute representing communities of the northeast, northwest and southwest sectors of Kayapo territory.


Our work

Together, our alliance works to DEFEND Kayapo lands and Indigenous rights, to PRESERVE cultural and environmental integrity, and to DISCOVER innovative ways for sustainable economic opportunities and intercultural exchange.


Join the Kayapo

Join the Kayapo-NGO alliance and become a vital participant in of one of the most successful conservation stories in history.