Working at the front-line of the Amazon .

The International Conservation Fund of Canada

The Kayapo is ICFC’s flagship project. Covering an area of 9 million hectares, this protected territory is larger than almost half of the world’s countries!

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For thousands of years, the Kayapo people have inhabited the Amazon and stand as one of the largest indigenous communities in Brazil.

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The broad goal of the Kayapo project is to safeguard the territory and cultural legacy of the Kayapo people. To achieve this, we have adopted a multifaceted approach focused on empowering Kayapo communities.

The establishment of guard posts helps community members to actively thwart incursions onto their lands by loggers, gold miners, and poachers while providing these communities with a reliable source of income.

The Kayapo Project also facilitates the creation of other sustainable revenue streams rooted in the Kayapo’s ancestral wisdom and customary practices, such as the Brazil Nut harvest or the Fly-fishing project.



The Kayapo people refer to themselves as “Mebengokre” in their native language, which roughly translates to “the people of the big water”.


Kayapo lands conserve the last remaining large, intact block of native forest in the southeastern Amazon, and maintain the connectivity of this ecoregion with the western Amazon.


The Kayapo’s rainforest holds substantial carbon stocks and exerts a significant influence on the regional climate dynamics.


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