Visual Tales of Kayapo's Realm

From the lush, verdant landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see, to the intricate rituals and traditions passed down through generations, every facet of Kayapo life resonates with a timeless allure that captivates the lens of many skilled photographers. With each click of the shutter, they seek to understand and share the essence of Kayapo heritage, weaving a visual narrative that speaks to the soul-stirring beauty and profound depth of their culture and land.

Coletivo Beture

Coletivo Beture, created in 2015, is a collective of Kayapo warriors who use audiovisual means to bring visibility to the indigenous cause. The Kayapo have perfected audiovisual production to document festivals and traditional rituals of their culture. Over the years, the tool has gained new functions and has become a great ally of the community in its need to express itself and be heard.

In a modern twist to their age-old traditions, Kayapo storytellers are now embracing the power of photography and social media platforms to extend the reach of their narratives far beyond the boundaries of their indigenous communities. Through the power of photography and social media, Kayapo storytellers are reclaiming their narrative, reclaiming their identity, and inviting the world to bear witness to their resilient spirit and enduring legacy.

Mídia Kayapó Mekrãgnoti

The Mídia Kayapó Mekrãgnoti collective comprises youths hailing from the 13 villages affiliated with the Kabu Institute within the Baú and Menkragnoti Indigenous Lands. Founded by these young individuals, the collective employs audiovisual means to document their culture, festivities, Brasília-based protests, advocacy for rights, and the enduring traditions and lifestyle of their community.

This initiative stands as their proactive effort towards safeguarding the survival of the Kayapó people and the intertwined forest ecosystem on which they rely.

Cristina Mittermeier

Cristina “Mitty” Mittermeier, an accomplished photographer, marine biologist, and passionate conservationist, is a leading figure in environmental advocacy. In 2014, she co-founded SeaLegacy with her partner Paul Nicklen, aiming to promote ocean health through impactful storytelling and visual media. As a friend of the Kayapo and the Kayapo Project, she also advocates for indigenous rights and environmental conservation in the Amazon rainforest. Through her photography, Mittermeier highlights the fragility of natural ecosystems and the crucial need for conservation. Her work serves as a powerful catalyst for action, demonstrating the profound impact of photography in driving awareness and inspiring positive change.

Simone Giovine

Filmmaker, photographer, accordionist.

Pedro Peloso

An award-winning field biologist and biodiversity scientist seeking to study, document and protect the biocultural diversity of our planet. 

Martin Schoeller

In 2012, Martin journeyed to Brazil to capture the Kayapo tribe through his lens, resulting in a feature in National Geographic. Renowned as one of the foremost contemporary portrait photographers globally, Martin Schoeller is acclaimed for his distinctive style of extreme close-up portraits. His series portrays both well-known personalities and ordinary individuals with equal attention to detail and depth.

John Meisner

Digital marketing professional and creative based in Whistler, BC.