The successful surveillance of Kayapo’s indigenous land

The Kayapo Project is pleased to report that during 2021 most of the 2200km border of Kayapo’s indigenous land remained unbreached by goldminers, loggers and poachers.

The Kayapo stopped the ‘Beautiful Monster’, but couldn’t slay it

The Kayapo fought and managed to delay the construction of the Belo Monte dam for decades. In 2019 the mega-dam blocked a huge section of the Xingu river…

The guardians of climate stability

In this article, we’re going to take a look at new research that points us towards arguably the most important step that humanity should take to avoid a climate catastrophe.

The Kayapo can’t defend the rainforest on their own

A vibrant society like the Kayapo continuing to thrive in a biodiverse forest attests to their ability to protect ecosystems. Today, however, indigenous culture and knowledge that sustained these people and their forests for thousands of years can not guarantee the continued preservation of either.

Sustainability in a (brazil) nutshell

While we’re debating about the necessity or the possibility of building a sustainable civilization, the Kayapo are putting the concept into practice, just as their ancestors lived sustainably for thousands of years.

The Kayapo stand united against Bolsonaro’s “Bill of devastation”

The Brazilian government is trying to gut indigenous rights by passing a notorious bill, PL 191/2020 known as the “Bill of Devastation”. The proposed bill would open protected indigenous lands to mining and other industry; mining alone has already issued thousands of mining requests covering vast areas of pristine land.

The brilliant success of Kayapo alliances visible from space.

During 2020, amidst the chaos of the pandemic, rising levels of deforestation, a spike in hateful rhetoric and defunding of Brazil’s environmental institutions, the Kayapo people have managed to stand their ground and defend their land, thanks to courage, determination, organization and their alliances with NGO’s.

Study unveils the deadly effects of Bolsonaro’s mining bill

A recent study published in Environmental Research Letters examined the effects of the newly proposed mining bill by Bolsonaro’s government whose goal is to legalize commercial mining in indigenous lands.

Fly Fishing in the heart of the Amazon – A Sustainable Partnership

Is there a way for us to get a glimpse of paradise on Earth without drastically altering its nature, without destroying it forever?

take action today and help defend the amazon in 2021

The last two years have been truly catastrophic for the Amazon rainforest, but now is not the time to lose hope. Take effective action right now and help protect a vast part of the rainforest throughout 2021.

Kayapo victories in 2020

From protests gaining international attention to successful raids against illegal operations, there have been plenty of wins for the Kayapo Project despite a year of struggle with the ongoing pandemic. Read more!

Kayapo Leaders

The Three Pillars of the Kayapo Project

Learn more about the project’s higher-level strategies! 


Chief Raoni Speaks Out

Chief Raoni Metuktire was interview by The Guardian to address his growing concerns with the rise of Jair Bolsonaro… 


Amazon, a growing concern

With Bolsonaro in power, and climate disasters occurring around the globe, what does the future of the Amazon look like going forward?

kamoktijam – essence of defence

Filmmaker Simone Giovine along with Coletivo Beture and the AFP have released their new film “Kamoktijam”. A look into what is happening in the Xingu valley and the fortitude and experience behind Takokjnoti, a Kayapo elder…