Kayapo victories in 2020

From protests gaining international attention to successful raids against illegal operations, there have been plenty of wins for the Kayapo Project despite a year of struggle with the ongoing pandemic. Read more!

Kayapo Leaders

The Three Pillars of the Kayapo Project

Learn more about the project’s higher-level strategies! 


Chief Raoni Speaks Out

Chief Raoni Metuktire was interview by The Guardian to address his growing concerns with the rise of Jair Bolsonaro… 


Amazon, a growing concern

With Bolsonaro in power, and climate disasters occurring around the globe, what does the future of the Amazon look like going forward?

kamoktijam – essence of defence

Filmmaker Simone Giovine along with Coletivo Beture and the AFP have released their new film “Kamoktijam”. A look into what is happening in the Xingu valley and the fortitude and experience behind Takokjnoti, a Kayapo elder…