Fly-Fishing in the heart of the Amazon

Thanks to a partnership between Associacao Floresta Protegida, Untamed Angling and several Kayapo communities, outsiders can visit the rainforest in a way which is respectful to the environment and equitable towards the indigenous hosts.

A transparent, equitable partnership with indigenous people who own the land is key to the Kendjam Project.

Chief Pukatire (photo: Martin Schoeller), Kendjam Lodge in the background.

A sustainable partnership

Deep in the heart of the Menkragnoti Indigenous Territory, in one of the most isolated settlements of the tropical world lies Kendjam. A small village established only in 1993 by chief Pukatire who brought his followers away from the destructive influences of alcohol and the extractive industry with the goal to create a deeply traditional community.

While Pukatire feels as strongly about preserving his people’s traditional lifestyles as he did when he founded Kendjam, he is now embracing a new sustainable model that can benefit his people without compromising the natural world upon which they depend. The Fly-Fishing partnership constitutes a sustainable activity for young people and a source of income for the local community which protects Kayapo land, culture, and quality of life.

Call of the wild

The Fly-Fishing Project is one of the very few ways in which an outsider can visit Kayapo’s indigenous territory. If you’re an avid angler who dreams of wild waters, you should learn more about the Kendjam Lodge.